Why LEDs?

LED Lights...

...are easy to install

Into existing sockets.

...are stress free

Lifetime of 25,000 hours is over 20 years, if used about 4 hours per day, therefore less replacement is required.

...reduce wattage usage

Total of 400 wattage use of your current lamps,can be reduced to only 52 watt in your house. That's 85% less electrical power consumption.

...make savings on your bills

LED lamps may be more expensive but they make huge impact on your electricity usage and enormous savings in the long run.

...environmentally friendly

LED lamps run cooler and emit less heat, use less energy and need fewer replacement.

...are safer

LED lamps are mercury free, which reduces CO2 emissions.

...can be controlled remotely

You can integrate your LEDs with your smart devices to amend the colour of your lights or change the brightness according to your mood.

LED Bases

Edison Screw range

The most famous base and widely used over the world.
E stands for Edison, followed by the base diameter in millimetres.
For Example E27 is an Edison screw base with 27mm diameter.

Bayonet(Push & Twist)

This range has become more popular over the recent years
and made a good impact on fittings safety.
Bayonet bases can be simply fitted into your fittings by a 'push & twist' action in one go.
This range can be founded in all the same sizes as Edison screw range, such as B27.

Spotlights & Capsules

This range contains 'G' and 'MR' base fittings.
'GU10' is most commonly used for spotlights,
pins are 10mm apart and it can easily be fitted by a simple twist and lock action.
Other bases can be fitted into the base by push and lock action,
such as MR11 or G4.


Tube fittings mainly categorised in 2 different sizes
T5 (slim tubes) and T8 (normal tubes).
Compact fluorescent lights, normally use G23 or G24 with 2 or 4 pins,
and can be fitted by push and fit action.

LED Shapes


Spotlights are mainly suitable for ceiling fitting,
and can be used in type of properties.
The main problem with these lamps
was the high wattage usage in large quantities,
which is now resolved with our range of
LED spotlights, with very low power consumption.


Panels are generally used in commercial spaces such as offices.
They come in different dimensions,
and need advanced skills for fitting into the ceilings.
Contact our professional technician team for solutions.


Bulbs are the priorities, when it comes down to lighting up your space.
Whether you need lights for your home or business,
kitchen or restaurants and inside or outside,
you'd need bulbs. This range comes in different sizes and shapes.
Choose from our full ranges of LED Standard(classic) globes,
Mini globes(golf ball), Candle and Vintage LED bulbs.


LED tubes with high lumens suitable for any space, like your home or office.
They can be fitted into the fittings easily.

Flood lights

You can benefit from our range of LED flood lights,
with super high lumens, and low energy usage,
for large commercial areas, such as warehouses.
This range of LED lights comes in different shapes
to suit your existing fittings.
Browse in our commercial category to find out more.

Strip light

If you like to hide your light or have it all around the room,
then look into our strip light section, to find a variety of
strip lights, with long lasting life and different colour light.